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Anònim ha dit...


A word that has been repeated a lot of times, if not everyday in our daily life. Terrorism means the war against unknown people dideen ones behind the illusion of correcting the war in their way. Cowards is simply what I think of this kind of people, the way the make the others suffer of their silly way to get thei illegal aim, target!

When I was in Bilbao, every morning, when I woke up shouted through the window "Gora mi culo", and at present I realize the terrorists have to say tjis instead "Gora ETA" because they think with "el culo".

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The Cosmic Girl ha dit...

Com a Cosmic Girl diré que MAI s'ha de perdre el respecte, i que tot es pot dir de bones maneres.

Això és un blog amb llibertat d'expressió.

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doctordiabetis ha dit...

Los terroristas son la verguenza de todos los vascos.